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Logistics, Customs clearance, Foreign economic activity outsourcing

Dear Colleagues,

     Company "MIRO" offers a full range of customs clearance and delivery of your goods to any region of Russia.

We offer:
1) Organization of customs clearance and delivery of your goods to your customers in Russian Federation;

2) Preliminary calculation of the value of goods delivered to the warehouse of your client in Russian Federation;

3) Conclusion of a foreign economic contract with a producer of goods and the rapid movement of goods across the border;

4) Preparation of transport documents and organizing of transportation of your goods by sea, rail, air and road;

5) Prepare and submit a complete set of documents for customs clearance;

6) Certification of your product in the territory of Russian Federation;

7) Search for warehouses for your goods in Russia;

8) Registration services (of representation) in Russia;

9) Create a website with your products and promoting your product on the Internet.


We are ready to answer all your questions and are confident that we will find the best solution for you!

Company "MIRO" wishes success and prosperity to you and your business!
We hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

"MIRO" Ltd. Co., Moscow, Russia
Office tel:+74995023101; Mobile: +79163970629
ИП Заря Г.О.
Обратиться в компанию МИРО посоветовал знакомый, так как успешно с ними сотрудничал не один год. Большое спасибо сотрудникам компании за работу!
ИП Темников П.В.
По рекомендации завода-производителя обратились в компанию МИРО и ни сколько не пожалели об этом. Уровнем оказания услуг очень довольны и впредь будем обращаться только в компанию МИРО.
More than 5 years we cooperate with company MIRO. Most of our clients delive goods and customs clearance through the company MIRO. Thank you for your cooperation.